Make DIY Dowel Center Finder: Find It Now

Are you searching the easy and comfortable way about dowel center finder? If yes, then here your search ends. In this post, I will make you aware of the process of DIY center finder so that you can carry out your woodwork smoothly.

Let’s move ahead to explore the ways of dowel center finder.

How to find the center of a dowel?

Step-1:  Stick the wood

Take the two pieces of the wood which measures 1/2” x 6” each, and one portion measures 3/4”x 6” which will be the serve as the more significant holding surface.

Stick the wood

Step-2:  Support the angle

Now support the edge by making use of hardboard which you will find stable. Apply adhesive to affix the square to the corners and if you see anything extras coming out then trim it off. Make sure when the glue dries then only you trim the excess wood with the help of table saw, and miter saw.

Support the angle

Step-3:   Adjoin the triangle

Make use of hardboard of 2 ½” wide which you can get by cutting with the miter saw. Make dowel joint in triangle shape to the one end with the help of the glue and brad a nail so that it gets correctly attached. If you find any extra portion coming out, then you can cut it but ensure on drying you can trim it to give symmetrical shape.

Adjoin the triangle

Step-4:   Evaluate the center

By making use of your hand, you can lie down the dowel to the junctions of the dowel jig. Now with the help of the pencil or pen, you can mark the line and then turns the dowel and again mark the second line so that you get the appropriate point of the center.

 Evaluate the center


In this way, you can perform the task of dowel center finder. This is the simple and accurate way of finding the center of the dowel. No doubt this process is easy, and you can perform it painlessly. Remember you have to be precise so that your woodwork task can be continued efficiently. Though there are many ways to find out the center, in this article I have discussed the simple and easy technique so that you don’t face any difficulties while finding the middle of the dowel.

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