Jessem Dowel Jig Master Kit – Best Dowel Jig Review

If you need a jig that can help in adjusting the plate that holds the drill guides in ⅛ inches increments, Jessem Dowel Jig Master Kit is the only thing you need. It can do the task without removing the jig from the workpiece! Not only that, but this jig also allows you to drill parallel rows of dowel holes in no time. If you want to have a slot on one end of the plate that is aligned with the center dowel hole drill guide, then also Jessem Dowel Jig is your one-time solution. This product makes it effortless to drill mating holes for an edge glue-up.

Today, we are presenting the Jessem Dowel Jig Master Kit. It is the newest dowel jig that has these two features mentioned above. Its convenient uses and specifications make it unique than any other dowel jig we have used. Here in this detailed review, you will know more about the product called Jessem 8350 Dowel Jig along with its essential features and specifications. So let’s start with the basics.

Jessem Model 08350 Dowelling Jig Master Kit

This doweling system is super easy to use. It offers one of the best, strongest, and most accurate joinery. While talking about the master kit, it is useful in achieving many tasks. It can place dowel holes from the end or edges to the top of your workpiece. It is available in various sizes such as 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”. To add more strength to your project, you can use single rows of dowels or patterns in multiple rows.


Key Features and Specifications

  • Jessem Dowel Jig Master Kit includes ⅜ inch carrier with five guide bushings, ½ inch carrier with three guide bushings, and ¼ inch carrier with seven guide bushings.
  • The multiple dowel hole configuration is its specialty. The locations of dowels can be pre-set in ⅛ inch increments.
  • It includes built-in alignment slots that allow you to match up the dowel holes. Such slots are spaced further apart for perfect aligned dowel holes
  • The wood dowels and clamp are not included in the kit, but you can easily find them in any hardware store near you. Buy them separately.
  • It is made of CNC machined aluminum, and the indexing pins are made out of stainless steel. It is anodized for durability and laser engraved for fast setups.

This product is made in Canada. It is perfect for creating multiple hole configurations without unclamping the jig. You can drill five holes from a single setup because of its bushing blocks. The included indexing pin helps in cascading a series of holes beyond the actual width of the jig. Because of all these useful features, you just need to drill a hole in one board and insert a dowel. That’s it. The alignment slot will automatically set the hole location on the mating board.

Versatile and Easy to Use

Jessem Dowel Jig is a versatile jig. Any professional or even a newbie can try this easy-to-use item. Each dowel size requires different-size drill guide bushings, which are already included in the kit. Switching between the guide plates is also not difficult because you need to remove only four small screws with the wrench. The package already provides an Allen wrench. Jessem 8350 drill bits are sharp, and the depth collars are sturdy. Apart from these, you will find the hash marks on the jigs that make the process of locating the dowel hole centers easy.


FYI, this dowl jig is made from the metal and weighs around 4.4 pounds. It doesn’t require any batteries, and thus they are not included in the kit. The product dimension is 13.7 x 11.1 x 4 inches. Many people love this product because of the convenience and comfort it provides. If you want to buy some new jig guides for the Jessem 8350, you can get it directly from the Jessem website.

We hope this review has helped you the way you wanted, and you got all the critical information about the Jessem Dowel Jig Master Kit. For more such articles, stay tuned with

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