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How to Use Dowel Screws?: Install it Easily

If you are an old-school, you must know that for many years, all the talented woodworkers and the artists use doweling to make the joints stronger. Dowels are the small piece of wood which are curved and equally cut. They are supposed to be inserted into the perfectly coordinated holes in parallel boards so that the logs cannot move. Undoubtedly, dowels offer a sturdy and long-lasting woodworking joint.

The uses of dowel screws are much more thoughtful. When you have furniture attached with the dowel screws, you can quickly detach and reattach the parts of the furniture. This way, you can make it compact and comfortable to lift up. The best part is that you don’t need anyone to do this task for you. You can surely complete this work all by yourself just by following these simple steps to install the dowel screws.

How to Use Dowel Screws?

To install dowel screws is an easy task. But before starting the whole process, you have to keep in mind these two-three essential points.

  • Choose the correct size of the dowel. It should not more than the half width of the log. Broader dowels can break the board, and slimmer dowels can’t hold the joint properly.
  • Try to use conventional and readily available dowels. Birch dowels around the 1 or 1.5 inches size are commonly used. If you are a professional woodworker, you can also go for plastic dowel kits for your workshop.’
  • Choose a narrower drill so that you can give some space to the dowel to latch some wood. This trick can tighten the dowel and logwood correctly.

Step by Step Easy Installation Guide

Step 1: Taking Precise Measurement

Measure everything. Find out the perfect center, and mark it with the ink before drilling the log. If you are joining two pieces, then measure them first & mark on the other logs too! Adjust degree angles and join the woods.

Taking Precise Measurement

Step 2: Drill Carefully

As you have done the marking after all the needed measurements, now it will be easy for you to drill the wood. Ensure that the log pieces are steady and not moving. Firstly, drill the holes just to insert the tip of the dowel. The dowel itself will complete the remaining work by latching the wood.

Drill Carefully

Step 3: Align the Holes

After drilling all the logs according to the margins, align all the pieces with the predetermined designs. Hold the first board and tighten the dowel. Assure that you do not move the second board at that time. Align the doweling jigs by matching the holes.

Align the Holes

Step 4: Glue the Dowel Screws

Just for the better protection, take some help of wood glue to secure the dowel screws. For that, it is necessary to remove the excess sawdust caused by the drilling. Take some glue and put it on the edges of the joints in each log. Wipe out the excess glue with some cotton cloth and then let it set and dry for few hours. Use woodworking clamp if you need.

Glue the Dowel Screws

Step 5: Final Touch-up

While gluing the joints, make sure that you do not put even the small amount of glue in the hole. You may want to unscrew the woods in the future, so it is better to keep the screw and the holes safe. Now as your dowel screws are tight enough, complete the final touch-up. You can also do polishing of the furniture if you want to make it shine.

That’s it for the installation of the dowel screw. As I said, it is a straightforward and not, so time-consuming task. You can also use best dowel jigs to solve your purpose. They are also easy to use and budget-friendly. I hope now you have got the considerable answer to your question; how to use dowel screws! Stay creative and keep up the excellent work.

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