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How to make a Window Sash – Learn Step By Step Procedure

Did you know, the concept of sash window came from Brighton, its architectural splendor is renowned all over the world. It is said that window sashes were evolved with two primary motives, 1 — the maximum influx of light and 2. Maximum space area. So design, restore, and decorate your windows with beautiful sashes and give it a vibrant touch of colors. To make your window sash at home, follow the steps, and create your piece of art.

How to Make a Window Sash

Step 1.

We will firstly need plywood which is four inches larger than the old window sash. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the height and width of the old sash and cut the new sash by adding 4 inches to each dimension of the ply.Step 1.Step 2.

You are building a square sash, so you’ll need two horizontal and two vertical pieces. Be precise with the measurements of the ply after cutting put it all along and measure the inches again. Even if there are minor gaps, you need to make it again.Step-2Step 3.

Once we are ready with the pieces of plywood, lay the cut plywood strips on the template piece in the line. Make sure the template is placed correctly.step-3Step 4.

Most video shows wood glue to be used for fixing the plywood. But if you want your plywood to fix for longtime then use brad nails or screws for the strips. step-4Step 5.

The side two pieces will be of the same size, whereas the top section and the bottom portion will be of different sizes. Two hands are called stiles, the top section is called headrail, and lower is known as a bottom rail.step-5Step 6.

The template keeps the whole sash together and helps to make the perfect window sash. Place the side strips on the templates precisely. Now, place the upper and lower strip on the template and mark the end locations.

Step 7. 

The outer panel is done, and now we’ll need a router table. The router table will help us to cut the pieces. Firstly, cut 7/15 inches deep with ⅓ inch straight bit. You can also use stop blocks to cut accurately. Cut ¼ inch groove into the edge of the stiles.

Step 8.

Apply glue towards the faces of stiles and rails. Remove the pieces from the template and adjoin the side pieces. step-8Step 9. 

Once we assemble the pieces, clean the glue, and give it time to set. Don’t move it until it’s scorched. It will take an hour to cure the adhesive.

Step 10.

With the help of brad nailer strengthen the joints and fill it with wood putty at the holes.

Step 11.

Cut the sash with sharp ends and proper thickness. The inside frame should get space for the glass to fit in.

Step 12. 

Use a glazing compound to the ends of the frame. Lay the glass on top of the glazing compound and give it time to dry. Make sure that the edges of the glass should be firmly rooted in the mixture. 

Step 13. 

While you add glazing compound, give it space for about 7 inches each so that the glass can be fixed precisely. To smoothen the compound using a puffy knife to make every corner flat and leveled. 

Step 14.

We’ll allow the compound and glass for overnight to for the new sash. And now your sash is ready to be painted and used.

This is how you make your window sash. You can also vary the sizes and the inches. Once you are ready with a wooden sash, you can easily paint it. Use acrylic paint on the sash to prevent stains and rust. This way, you can create a very creative window and also play with colors, like every window of the different colored sash. Create your sash and create the magic to your old window.step -14  



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