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How to Drill Hardened Steel?– Make Your Task Easier

Drilling hardened steel is quite a challenge. It is not something you can take lightly like drilling wood. Some people have complained about damaged drill bits because hardened steel is extremely hard and cannot just be drilled into.

Does this mean that you should give up? No, not at all. With the right method and the right tools, you can make this job doable without breaking too much sweat. In this article, we have paved the way for it. Read on!

How to Drill Hardened Steel?

Get the right drill bit

Get the right drill bit

As it is, drilling through hardened steel is difficult. On top of that, using the wrong drill bit will make matters worse. There are so many options that it gets confusing for sure but a little research and understanding will help you pick the right option. A simple trick is to check the drill bit itself. Tapering drill bits are the wrong ones. If you see that your drill bit is tapered, you will need to get another one.

At the home improvement store you can ask for drill bits made specifically for drilling through hardened steel. If you are shopping online, buy cobalt drill bits. Don’t forget to read reviews and instructions so that you are sure you are buying the right one. Notice that these drill bits are not tapered. They are blunt.

Pre-drilling exercise

Once you get the right drill bit, do you start drilling immediately? We advise against it. Hardened steel may cause the drilling machine to create a lot of heat. To avoid that, lubricate the steel. A few drops of oil will suffice.

Also, get a block of wood and place it under the steel. This will protect the drill bit.

Start drilling!

Now you can get down to business and start drilling. Don’t get too overexcited, though. You should go slow so that the machine doesn’t heat up crazily.

That’s about it, folks! The idea of drilling into hardened steel does not have to drive you insane. It is always the simplest things that can aggravate us but when you have the solution right in front of you, why worry at all!

If you fear going wrong or if drilling is not really your thing, we advise that you leave it to the professionals to help you. DIY is fun but not when you aren’t confident about using your machinery. All the best!

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