Does Crown Molding Add Value to a Home? Is it Worth?

It is believed that home improvements in the house make it appealing to everyone whether we talk about members of the home, friends or relatives, outsiders or real estate experts. If you go for crown molding, then you will observe that it adds charm to your house.

You can raise the appraisal value of your home to the precise extent by providing the graceful appearance to it which can be possible due to crown molding. The great thing about this architectural feature is that you can put it anywhere in your house by space and choice.

In this article, I will discuss crown molding in detail so that you can add value to your living place.

Does Crown Molding Add Value

Make sure that the crown molding should be done appropriately and stylishly to add glory to your dwelling. Let’s talk over in points so that you can have the clear picture of the same.

1. Choose the Correct Stylecrown molding designs

Be particular about the appropriate manner of the crown molding. The absurd or matchless style to the rest of the decor will lessen the appraisal value. If in a modern living room, you go for an ornate molding, then it will look out of place. Consider the height of the ceiling before finalizing the style.

2. Pay Attention to the Installationproper installation of crown molding

The proper installation of crown molding is the must. You have to fit it precisely where your wall come across the ceiling. Take care of difficult miter cuts which are vital for decoration. If the crown molding holds the gaps at the corners, then it will cast messy or sloppy look which will result in devaluation.

3. Go for the Contrastapply colors to crown molding

Apply the contrasting colors to your moldings which will allow it to stand apart. The contract coloring will provide it the appealing look.

4. Avoid Excess Upgradationexcess upgradation

Ensure that you avoid excess upgradation and prefer average crown molding as per the style or size. You can have ideas about decorations from your neighborhood or nearby areas. It will prove to be wastage if you decide on the crown molding which is further than what’s in your present field.

5. Keep in Mind the Main Roomsliving room kitchen crown molding

To enjoy the elegant effect, you can focus on living rooms, kitchen, dining and family rooms. No need to install it in every place. Take avoiding action for bedrooms and bathrooms.

6. Make the Proper Choice of the Sizeceilings suitable for crown molding

You can get crown moldings from the range of 11/2” – 7” approximately. It holds lots of shapes and sizes. For cutting large pieces of crown molding, you can make use of crown molding jigs. Ensure you make a wise decision while choosing the size as it should be in coordination with your room. In the tiny room you can’t go for 7” or 8” similarly the large living room is not appropriate for 2” molding. The rooms with high ceilings are suitable for crown molding. For large places, you can try complex shape while simple molding is apt for the smaller room.

7. Employ the Expertexperts crown molding

It will be great and convenient for you to hire an expert to get your task done of crown molding. The job of crown molding demands the knowledge of geometry and woodworking skills which your expert can comfortably handle. You don’t have to face unfortunate result if it is done under the guidance of a specialist.

Is Crown Molding Worth It?

If you have a question in mind that is crown molding valuable for your abode, then this piece of writing will surely provide you the clear picture of this architectural feature.

The points mentioned above will guide you that in what ways crown molding can be beneficial for your living place and what all aspects to be considered to avoid the unfavorable outcomes.

Enjoy the crown molding in your house with proper planning and guidance. It will add value to your home if it is carried out duly. I hope this article will provide you an opportunity to furnish your house with an elegant look.

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