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One of the most popular and versatile tools that have now been replaced with advanced machines is a block plane. Those who are into woodworking know how handy these block planes are when it comes to getting thin and crisp wooden shavings. And although advanced machines are available, this tool is simplicity at its best. You need to adjust the blade using the knobs to get started with your work. The craftsmen have been using this tool to get the precise shape and cuttings.

There are variations available in this block plane too, and one of them is low angle block planes with blades placed at the lower angles. Such block planes come handy when one works with shapingcutting, trimming, or smoothing the wood. Investing in a tool like this one will make your woodworking process easy and enjoyable. As the blades are placed at an angle, the work can be done with more accuracy and precision.

Best Low Angle Block Plane

Now that you know how useful yet multifaceted this tool is to get yourself the best low angle block plane from the list of planes given below:

1. Stanley Bailey Low Angle Block PlaneStanley Bailey Low Angle Block Plane

The first choice among the woodworkers for a precisely planning the wood is this low angle block plane by Stanley. It is made with a thick blade of A2 steel for giving that increased edge retention. The overall built and angle of this plane makes it an ideal tool for working with tough wood pieces. The woodworkers will like working with this plane as plane iron is honed at the angle of 25 degrees and can be adjusted to 30 degrees. Such settings and other features make this option as excellent value for money buy. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

  • The base and frog are cast as one piece to provide more accuracy, and it also aids in planning the wood piece with ease.
  • As this block plane comes with an adjustable mouth for different types of wood, it reduces the tool’s tear.
  • It also features solid brass adjustment hardware, which is machined with finesse.
  • The tool comes with solid brass knobs for ease of operation.
  • This low angle block plane comes with an aluminum lever cap that tends to strip while applying more force

2. Caliastro Store Low Angle Block PlaneCaliastro Store Low Angle Block Plane

Another excellent option that people are considering investing in a low angle block plane is this one by Caliastro store. It is an excellent tool for getting coarse cuts and finishing work for the wooden pieces. While working with this plane, many people liked that it produces clean shavings and is well constructed. The block plane is sturdy and does exactly what it claims. The company has also specified the measurements of their plane, which you can check out before making the purchase. 

  • The block plane features two blades and a fully adjustable mouth that helps plan the wood with precision.
  • Blades are 4.25 inches long and 0.125 inches thick with a width of 1.3 inches.
  • The block plane is ready to use as it comes with a hardened and tempered blade that can be tuned as per your preferences.
  • The block plane is cast as a single piece base and frog, making it more accurate and durable.
  • Some buyers found it difficult to sharpen the blades and adjust the iron blade. 


3. Woodstock Adjustable Block PlaneWoodstock Adjustable Block Plane

We often search for options that are budget-friendly and also serve our purpose. This option right here is the ideal example of such a deal at a steal price. This 6-inch long block plane is one of the top-rated choices among the users given to its features at a fraction of price compared to the expensive low block planes that offer the same functions. The plane is well made and is also easy to use for beginners as well. 

  • The plane can be adjusted and it is also easy to lock-in the settings.
  • The block plane has a low angle for face grain and end grain.
  • One can adjust the tool as per the workpiece as it comes with an adjustable throat opening.
  • The block plane has a decent bronze and cast iron construction.
  • One needs to sharpen the blades before starting to use this block plane for their work. 

4. WoodRiver Low Angle Block PlaneWoodRiver Low Angle Block Plane

If you are someone who is impressed by the Stanley low angle block plane, then you can consider this option too. This block plane by WoodRiver also has the standard “Knuckle Cap Lever” design from the Stanley and comes in two variants: Low angle and Standard angle. The low angle block plane also features improved changes to the base castings that enhance the plane’s design. Although the company recommends sharpening the blades before the use, it comes quite sharp. So make sure to check the sharpness before sharpening it more. 

  • The block plane’s adjustable mouth is convenient to operate and helps in tuning the mouth for creating coarse and thin wooden shavings.
  • The plane also features an improved blade adjustment mechanism that aids in adjusting the blades with ease using the rear knob.
  • It features a high carbon tool blade with an angle of 25 degrees and maximum edge retention.
  • The lever caps keep opening, so make sure to tighten it before using the plane.   

5. Taytools Low Angle Block PlaneTaytools Low Angle Block Plane

One can consider this block plane by Taytools if you are particularly looking for a budget-friendly plane to help you with trimming and smoothing processes. The block plane’s body is made from the stress-relieved ductile cast iron with sole and lapped sides. It has an adjustable mouth to get both types of work done, be it a coarse work or fine finish. This alternative is a perfect buy for the ones who like to make their wooden pieces at home. 

  • The block plane has ⅛ inches thick steel blade, which is hardened and sharpened at 25 degrees for convenience.
  • It also features a stainless steel knuckle joint cap to work with precision.
  • The low design of this plane helps get the slicing through the end grain.
  • As the plane has a good mass, it can be used single-handedly, and it also reduces the chatter.
  • The blade can be adjusted by using the rear adjustment knobs.
  • One needs to work on flattening the blade, which can be challenging for beginners. 

Concluding Remarks

Selecting a particular option might seem a little tricky, but here are the features you can consider for finalizing your choice: The angle of the blade, the built of the plane, adjustment knobs, and the price. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose the one that best caters to your criteria.

Looking at all the features and pricing, I am amazed by Stanley’s low block plane because it has everything one can need while planning the wood. If your budget permits, then the first option is the best low angle block plane you can get. Apart from this, all the other options also do the job but make sure to go through the features and measurements before making the purchase. 


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