Best Crown Molding Jig: Top Accurate Crown Molding Cutting Jigs

When it comes to cutting crown molding, we have to be meticulous. One wrong cut or move of the hand and everything can fall apart for us. But, a lot depends on the crown molding jig we use for this process. It is vital to be very careful while choosing. Otherwise, our work can get a lot more difficult.

Now, as in every case, there are good quality jigs, and there are bad quality jigs in the market. The options are abundant, and that could result on poor choice if we are not careful. To make things easier, here is a list of the best crown molding jigs in the market today.

How to choose a crown molding jig

While there are plenty of options on the market, it is inadvisable to pick the first crown molding jig you find. The freedom to choose gives you the opportunity to compare and find one that’s best for you. Here are a few things you should remember so that you choose the right one:

  •  The back fence should be low and must be able to support the crown.
  • It should have the ability to cut completely through the crown and not stop midway.
  • The jig’s size has to be proportional to the crown. This means that if you have a long crown, the jig should be long as well.
  • L-shaped legs come handy to help you keep the jig in place. Use these tools on the workbench and on your jig.
  • You may also use rollers to hold the jig up.

Top Crown Molding Jigs

1. Bench Dog 10-027 Crown Molding Cutting Jig

Bench Dog 10-027 Polymer Crown-CutAmong the most popular of them all, this crown molding jig is apparently among the safest jigs available. What’s more, it eliminates trial and error completely, being so accurate! One thing that you must remember with Crown-Cut is that you must always cut the molding upside down.

  • It is made using durable polymer and is easy to use, mainly because it fits all miter saws of and above 10 inches.
  • Using this tool, you can make a total of 4 cuts: The 90 degree inside corners cut, the 90 degrees outside corners cut, the right over left splice joints cut, and the left over right splice joints cut.
  • How the splice joints fit will depend on the molding’s profile that you are using.
  • The tool comes with additional cutting instructions, which must be followed to make the process less tedious.
  • The product comes with lifetime warranty and is quite reasonably priced at $27.99.


2. Kreg KMA2800 Pro Crown Molding Tool

Kreg KMA2800 Crown-ProThis one has earned the right to be Amazon’s Choice for a good reason. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about coping of joints with this one. It works best for inside and outside corners. Keep in mind that you can only use the Crown-Pro crown molding jig for moldings of 138 mm width and less, but it eliminates the need for

  • This crown molding cutting jig also has 8 non-slip rubber feet to give you a solid foundation and to also ensure safety. Any compound cuts.
  • It comes with an angle finder, and its compact design ensures that it works with a variety of different miter saws.
  • It comes with cutting instructions that are relatively simple to understand and implement. Also, it is in the same price range as Crown-Cut at $27.94.


3. Milescraft 1405 Crown Molding Jig for Miter Saws

Milescraft 1405 Crown45 Crown Molding JigComing to you with a right side up approach to cutting, this crown molding cutting jig is quite easy to use in that you don’t have to worry about the whole “upside down” cutting angle.

  • Just like Crown-Pro, it lets you adjust the angle and comes with angle finders. You can use it to cut moldings between 2 and 5 inches.
  • Its collapsible design allows for easy storage.
  • Crown45 comes at a cheaper price than Crown-Pro and Crown-Cut at $24.73.


4. General Tools Crown King Molding Jig with Protractor


The General Tools Crown Molding Jig is an absolute favorite for many reasons! It is a complete set that comes with a protractor to make things easy for you. It is available in 1, 2, and 3 packs, allowing you to choose the right option based on your needs. Now, let’s quickly skim through the reasons why we love this:

  • You can get perfect corner joints in just 4 steps! Plus, the jig removes trial and error from the process. You can rely on it because it will be accurate and will help you save a lot of time & money.
  • It removes the coping of joints, complicated angle calculations, and compound-angle cutting.
  • You can use it for interior corner joints and external joints with the same ease.
  • Its adjustable angle finder shows you the exact angle for cutting.
  • You can use the jig and protractor right out of the box. They need no assembly!
  • The pack also contains an adapter/insert that lets you change the angle with ease. By default, it is useful only for 45-degree moldings, but once you use the insert, you will get the flexibility of 38 or 52 degrees.
  • The jig is a perfect choice for DIY woodworkers and professionals alike. 


5. Speed-Cope Crown Molding Jig by Rockler

Rockler Speed-Cope Crown MoldingThis one is easy to work with essentially because all you need is a power jigsaw. So, if you do not have expensive miter saws or similar cutting equipment, this crown molding jig is for you.

  • The tool comes with a DVD that walks you through the usage process as well as the installation of the crown, base molding, or cove.
  • Cope cuts, especially, are super easy with this one. However, you might find it a little heavy on your pocket because it is priced at $159.99, making it the most expensive jig on our list today.
  • We advise you to go for this one only if you feel the need for it and if you do not have heavy cutting equipment as aforementioned.



Precautionary tips

Regardless of the type of crown molding cutting jig you purchase, safety measures are a must. We have to be extremely careful because lax can lead to dire consequences. Let’s run through a few basic measures right here:

  1. Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and the right clothing
  2. Always stay a minimum of 4 inches away from the blade
  3. Keep your kids away from your workshop at all times
  4. Follow the owner’s manual and instruction right to the last word
  5. Do not experiment or try new things with your jig

The best crown molding cutting jig for you will totally depend on what exactly you are looking for. If it is affordability, you could go for the inexpensive options provided they serve your purpose. Having said that, you should never settle for low quality because that’ll just make your work harder than it should be. Tools are meant to make your job easier, not harder!

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