Best Chisel Sharpening Jig – Top Chisel Sharpening System of 2019

People who like sharpening chisels and knives always look out for the tools that make their work quick and effortless. Owning a good and sharp chisel is vital for woodworkers as well as for the people who like making their wooden pieces at home. A blunt chisel is challenging to work with and can also cause unnecessary strain. People who are into such work always prefer to sharpen their planer blades and chisels before starting the work.

Finding a tool that can fulfill all the criteria of being durable, sturdy, user-friendly and affordable is difficult to find. However, after going through many reviews and feedbacks, I have curated a list of chisel sharpening jig that is all reasonably priced and works efficiently for sharpening the chisels. All the sharpening guides are adjustable and easy to use. So check out the list and choose the one that is suitable for you.

Best Chisel Sharpening Jig

1. Atlin Honing Guide

Atlin Honing GuideOne of the most reviewed and bought sharpening jig is the Atlin honing tool. It is a user-friendly tool for people looking for sharpening their chisels or the planer blades. The jig is handcrafted by the professionals, which is suitable for beginners as well as woodworkers. Its body is made from high-quality cast aluminum. The tool is designed such that all the angles required for sharpening the chisels can be adjusted. It has three sections to clamp the chisels properly, which are upper jaws, lower jaws and flat sports clamp. There are projection measurements given for 25 degrees and 30 degrees angles which are generally used. 

Key Features:

  • The tool is fully adjustable and you can position the jig as per your preference.
  • It has a sturdy built quality as the tool has a hardened steel roller which doesn’t wear and tear that easily.
  • The jig comes with a honing guide having step-by-step instructions to help you with the sharpening of chisels.
  • It can fit the chisels that are ⅛” to 1/7” in width with ease.
  • The jig has grooved jaws that is helpful with clamping paring chisels and planer blades.


2. Taylor Toolworks Chisel Sharpening Jig

Taylor Toolworks sharpening guideAnother excellent option for buying an affordable and easy to use tool is this Taylor Toolworks jig. The honing guide can hold different types of chisels and plane blades. The honing guide can sharpen the chisel having a width from 1/16” to 3”. Many customers prefer this alternative as it is convenient to use and doesn’t cause any muscle fatigue. The angle for sharpening is set at 25 degrees which is ideal for the process. The chisel sharpener is suitable for people who aspire to learn this skill as well as for the professionals.

Key Features:

  • The center wheel of the jig allows adjusting the blades by pivoting it to put it on the plane blades.
  • It works efficiently to sharpen the chisels and plane blades to get square and precise edges.
  • The hardened steel wheel in the center glides on the sharpening stone readily.
  • It is ideal for sharpening chisels as well as man-made and natural stones.


3. Ram-Pro Honing Guide

Ram-Pro Honing GuideThe third alternative in this list is this honing guide that has a stainless steel roller to sharpen your chisels like a pro. The body of the tool is made from durable aluminum alloy and metal coating. The roller is anti-slip and safe for both beginners and professionals. It also has an open-end retaining ring design that aids in rollers to stay on point while sharpening a chisel. There are projection measurements given for 25 degrees and 30 degrees on the packaging as well as on the aluminum body of the tool.

Key Features:

  • The honing guide comes with an adjustable screw design with two chrome slides to hold the chisels properly.
  • It has a steel roller wheel that doesn’t wear and tear too much or develops any flat spots because of the frequent use.
  • The jig is painted with an anti-rust paint which gives it an excellent finish and provides resistance corrosion.
  • It is suitable for planer iron, blades, wood chisels, carving knives and much more.
  • The roller wheel has proper lubrication that makes the sharpening process smooth and quick.


4. Safedeal Honing Guide Chisel Sharpening Jig

Safedeal Honing GuideIf you are looking for a complete kit to sharpen the chisels and knives at home, then this alternative is ideal for you. The kit includes one honing guide, one sharpening stone and an instruction book with a procedure for sharpening chisels and plane blades. The tool is suitable for professionals, woodworkers, as well as for the people who have started learning this skill. As the jig is made with high-quality materials, it is durable and works efficiently to give square edges.

Key Features:

  • The tool can be adjusted to set the proper projections for sharpening the chisel. The measurements of 25 degrees and 30 degrees are specified on the packaging as well as on the body of the jig.
  • It has flat jaws for clamping mortise chisels and grooved jaws for holding paring chisels and blades.
  • This chisel sharpener can fit the chisel from ⅛” to 1-⅞” in width.
  • It has a hardened steel roller that is resistant to wear and tear due to much use.
  • The company offers a 100% guaranteed lifetime warranty.


5. Edinstry Honing Guide Chisel Sharpening Jig

Edinstry Honing Guide JigThis sharpening jig is an excellent option for people struggling with finding the durable and sturdy jig that can be used in multiple ways. Most buyers have liked the jig because of its roller and easy adjustments. The roller doesn’t slip while sharpening the chisels and doesn’t develop any flat spots. The jig is self-centering and doesn’t cause any muscular sprain as the angles given for the adjustments are set according to the standard ones required for sharpening chisels.

Key Features:

  • The angles and projections required for sharpening the jigs can be adjusted according to the chisels that are supposed to be sharpened.
  • It has a sturdy steel roller that doesn’t show much wear and tear even after frequent use.
  • Durable cast aluminum is used to make the body of the tool.
  • The chisel sharpener is painted with anti-corrosive blue paint to resist rust.
  • As the sharpening jig is fully adjustable, it can fit the chisels from ⅛” to 1-⅞” in width. It is also helpful for planer blades that are 1-⅜” to 3-⅛” in width.


Concluding Remarks

This list includes all types of jig in an economical price range. Make sure to go through all the specifications and details of the product before buying it. Even if you are beginner, these tools are easy to use. You can also watch tutorials to learn the skill of sharpening chisels. I hope this article is helpful for you to find suitable jig in your budget.

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