Best Dowel Jigs Reviews – Top Drilling Jig

You must have heard the phrase “Old is Gold.” But as following the same thought, woodworkers still use some best dowel jigs to join wood together. Dowels are one of the easiest ways for doing it. These handy tools let you drill a hole straightly with accurate precision.

This article will give you some of the doweling jig reviews, which can help you to choose the most necessary one according to your wish and needs. Here, we have shortlisted 5 top drilling jigs for you. Read further to know more!

Best Dowel Jigs Reviews

1) Milescraft 13110003 – Joint Pro

Milescraft 13110003This doweling jig can clamp both boards simultaneously and take the perfect alignment of the hole. It can also drill up to six matching holes so that it can provide stronger joints.


  • It is quick and accurate, and because of such qualities, it can create large dowel joints.
  • The self-clamping jig is stable, which can hold the work surface in place.
  • The product comes with a detailed instructions guide that helps to produce corner, edge and surface joints.


  • Sometimes, it leaves marks on the wood surface. So, it is suggested to put some plastic and cover it up before using the jig.
  • If there is a need for precise alignment and you don’t have time for the math measurements, then this might not be the right choice.


2) Task Premium Doweling Jig

Premium Doweling JigThe task is a company based in the USA which manufactures woodworking hand tools and drilling accessories. The primary aim is to provide the experts’ tools which can be used for the expert job. It also has an editor’s choice award given by ‘American Woodworker’ magazine.

Task’s premium doweling jig is a self-centering doweling jig, which has the broad capacity of 2-3/8. It includes two each size bushing.


  • It can give accurate center drilling even when the objects are round.
  • It is made from the aircraft grade aluminum which can provide 100% protection to the jig.
  • To prevent corrosion, there are steel plates.


  • One side drilling to the end of a stick is not possible. So half jig is not useful sometimes.
  • Generally, it includes two each size bushing, but users suggest that it needs the better bushing, as sometimes it breaks off.


3) Wolfcraft 3751405 Jig Kit

Wolfcraft 3751405Wolfcraft is one of the best dowel jig companies around the world. It is famous for different kind of tools for machine tables, clamping tables and workbenches, transport systems, clamping tools, wood joints, hand tools, power tool accessories, etc.

Dowel Pro Doweling Jig Kit works with materials which are thick from 1/2  to 1 and 1/4  inches. This product also includes the 5-year warranty. It is ideal for creating the edge to edge joints. It is also best for T-joints and even edges to corner joints.


  • It has a compact design as well as it is also long lasting.
  • It provides hardened steel bushing in different sizes to help the user in the precise drilling.
  • It also includes pre-aligned hole guides. Apart from that, the kit includes 60 dowel pins in assorted sizes.


  • The depth collar doesn’t hold properly. It may make you drill deeply without noticing the slipped collar.
  • Sometimes, the dowel may not align precisely. You can have better results if you use glue without a pin.

Above are the top 5 doweling jigs available in the market. I hope these reviews will help you to choose the best one for you. Try to check every related dowel jig and make the decision after reading reviews from users too. That will help you to be sure about your selected jig.


4) Rockler – Dowl-it 1000

Dowl-it-1000-Self-centering-ConvertImageRockler is a famous retail chain company for woodworking and hardware, founded in 1954 and situated in the United States. They create with confidence! Dowl-it 1000 is a well-reviewed self-centering doweling jig.

It has the maximum capacity of 2” with many boring sizes – 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/2″. It is plated so that the rust can be prevented. The center block contains solid steel.


  • It is easy to set up. So, even the beginners (wood workers) can use it hassle-free.
  • There are no slopes like some other dowel jigs have.
  • It is tight, accurate, quick, and handy.
  • There are no loose parts. So, there are very few chances to lost them.


  • Its drill guide holes may have quietly off-center.
  • It does not include stop collar.
  • The body parts are not differentiated by colors which make it difficult to recognize and use.


5) Eagle America 445-7600

Eagle America 445-7600This self-centering dowel jig is a professional jig with wide capacity. The reviews are good for the company as well because as buyers feel satisfied after using it. The jig handles a thick material (1/4 – inch to 6 inches) and lets you drill different sizes of holes.


  • It is a simple, accurate and quick jig.
  • There is no measurement or calculation is necessary as it has precision.
  • It works as a mortising guide which makes Dowling easy.
  • When added a spacer block, the offset holes are easy.


  • No better quality control in the case of sloppy machine work.
  • Sometimes, the product may get off-center.
  • You may not mark it with the pencil or any other marker.


Comparison of Best Dowel Jigs

Eagle America
Premium Doweling Jig
Part Number
3.2 pounds
2.5 pounds
1.9 pounds
4 x 5 x 5 inches
6.3 x 8.6 x 3.2 inches
3 x 4.3 x 12.3 inches

How to Use a Dowel Jig?

Small and round and evenly cut sticks of wood are known as dowels. Right? When those are inserted into perfectly matched holes in the corresponding boards and glued accordingly, it provides a durable and long-lasting woodworking joint.  

It may sound easy, but it is a bit critical to use dowel jig, especially for beginners. First of all, you have to drill your first holes from the two aligned boards. After that drill, by separating the boards, align the doweling jig and drill the marked holes again.

Once the holes have been drilled, you can remove the jig as well as the doweling centers from one board. Then, put a small amount of glue into each hole and place dowels in them. You can take it as the last step of using a dowel jig as this step can help you in the installment procedure.

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